Found these today on one my favorite image sites ( and had to share.  They’re a great combination of comic book art and classic travel posters.

3751058-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-batgirl-1 3751057-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-wonderwoman-1 3751066-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-supergirl-1 3751065-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-stargirl-1 3751064-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-poisonivy-1 3751063-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-mira-1 3751062-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-hawkgirl-1 3751061-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-harley-1 3751060-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-catwoman-1 3751059-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-blackcanary-1


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