Zero the Clown

I had the pleasure of knowing Michael Dolce in college when he was first sketching out “Zero the Clown.”  He was a Theatre major, I was a Communication major with a Theatre minor.  I think it was the first time I came across someone who had actually taken the time to sit down and write a play.  A lot of people in Theatre talk about writing the next great play, wringing the words from their minds, delicately placing them on paper, and watching actors and actresses breathe life and emotion into the black spots on the paper being the hip thing to do when you’re a Theatre major.

By the way, Theatre is spelled correctly.  It refers to the whole of stage drama.  Theater is a place you go.  Theatre is a thing you study.  You’re also supposed to sound slightly pompous when you pronounce it.  The pomposity is an affectation and in no way refers to actual Theatre people.

So, anyway, I was doing competitive speaking at the time and heard about Mike’s play and decided to ask if I could try it out at a tournament.  He agrees and the rest, as they say, is largely forgotten history.  The play worked well, my delivery of it was less than spectacular.

For years, I had wondered whatever had happened to Zero the Clown and if it ever went anywhere.  Turns out Michael Dolce (like almost everyone else on the planet) is on Facebook and has published the tragic story of Zero and some other writings and musings into a book.  If you’re interested in reading something truly remarkable; avant-garde and yet down to Earth, check his work out.

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“Zero the Clown and a Lovely Garden of Flowering Weeds is a lovingly crafted compilation of concept poetry, built around three essential themes; poetry for loved ones, Sonnets to Horus and a one-act play called Zero the Clown. incorporating poetry, the play is a heart-wrenching journey of resurrection from the grave of societal deceits. For fans of thematic works, Zero the Clown and a Lovely Garden of Flowering Weeds is sure to be a pleasure. For lovers of classic as well as free form verse, Zero the Clown and a Lovely Garden of Flowering Weeds will prove equally satisfying. The work shakes its fist at civilization and kisses you on the cheek all at once. It dances to the music of love and friendship, it practices ceremonial magic in the temple of your mind, and it brazenly dares you to unlearn nearly everything you think you know.”


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