Guardians of the Galaxy


This is one of those rare times that I’ll review something on this blog (the others being plugs for some books a couple of my buddies wrote), but I had to point out that this is a freaking good movie.

I’ve read most of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” comics over the past year or so and have come to the conclusion that it’s one of my favorite series.  Seriously, it’s right up there with Transmetropolitan for me.  Transmet’s story line is incredibly intricate and extremely well written, but Guardians is downright fun.  Guardians is kind of like Hack/Slash, before Hack/Slash got all weird and Samhain-y, you know back when it was just Cassie and Vlad having a good time and bashing in heads.  The characters in Guardians are having a good time and it makes for a fun read.

We had the opportunity to catch a preview showing of the movie on July 31.  It was raining and the jackasses that ran the theatre still made everyone wait outside, so there’s my geek cred story.  I waited in the rain for, like, twenty whole minutes in a line filled with people who were pretty fun to talk to, to watch a movie I’d been looking forward to since I heard it was coming out.

The movie did not disappoint.

If you’re old enough, you might remember Star Wars before George Lucas completely cocked it up with those abominable sequels.  When I was six, I got to see Star Wars (back before it was Episode IV – A New Hope, it was just Star Wars) in the theatre in Phoenix, AZ.  It was one of those completely mind-blowing experiences and I spent the rest of my life wanting to be a Jedi.  I still do, in fact.

The original Star Wars was a labor of love for Lucas and it showed.  The action was quick, the dialog was snappy; it was a great movie all the way around.  The Empire Strikes Back picked all that up and made it darker.  Return of the Jedi gets dissed for being the weakest of the three, but I still enjoyed it.

The other three movies in the series, save the last 15 minute fight sequence between a newly minted Darth Vader and a desperate Obi Wan Kenobi, were completely hopeless.

So, flash forward to 2014 and we’ve got something that’s on par with the feel of the original Star Wars.  Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy was that good.  If you haven’t seen it, drop what you’re doing and go now.

And, now just because you’ve patiently read my nergasm, have a joke.


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