Facebook != marketing

Late last week I left all the book promotion groups I had joined on Facebook.  I was never overly diligent about posting on those groups anyway, so it’s no great loss to the world.  In fact, the only groups I still subscribe to are the active ones where there’s some interplay between the various members of the group.  The Indie Author Group, the Fantasy Authors group, and a group where authors will share reviews.  I’m also still in some martial arts groups, but those are different things altogether.

So, why did I leave the twenty or so book promotion groups I had joined?  Well, the bottom line is this: it wasn’t doing squat for my sales.  At first, I couldn’t really get why.  This is partially because I’m new to this whole thing and kind of dense about marketing in general.  Then, after reading what some more experienced writers had to say about it, the problem dawned on me.  Go dig around any of those promote your book groups and see what’s there.  You’ve got a ton of people all shouting to each other to “BUY THIS BOOK.”  And, frankly, that’s it.  As near as I could tell, no one but the people selling stuff were actually members of those groups and there was almost no interaction between the members.

That said, I’m still on Facebook, but I’d rather use it more as a means of interacting that marketing.  If you’re ever bored or feel like saying something, drop by.  I use this blog for my long-winded ramblings about whatever strikes my fancy, my Twitter account (@ericlahti1) is just for tweeting and learning about what everyone else is up to.  My facebook author page is great for regular interaction without having to resort to short blurps.

Drop by and say hello.


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