I got to watch Lemmy, the movie about Motörhead lead singer, bassist, and generally awesome guy some time back.  Among other things, it made him seem like a pretty fun guy.  One thing that stands out was Anthrax’s Scott Ian (I think) telling a story about seeing Lemmy wandering around in extremely short shorts.  Ian was doing the normal long short thing, but Lemmy’s were almost non-existent; the kind of thing you’d expect in a porn movie about women in prison but, you know, starring Lemmy.

Which could only make it even more awesome.

So, anyway, Ian asks Lemmy what’s up with his shorts, why are they so short, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.  Lemmy’s response?  “I’m comfortable.”

Since I know you’re chomping at the bit for the pic, wait no longer.

It's straight out of 70s porn.  Just needs a good funky soundtrack and some wocka chickas.

It’s straight out of 70s porn. Just needs a good funky soundtrack and some wocka chickas.

This post isn’t about Lemmy’s shorts, though.  I just thought it was a funny story.

Speaking of stories and shorts… (how’s that for a segue?)

No, how's that for a segway?

No, how’s that for a segway?

I’ve always had a love affair with short stories.  The well written ones give you a slice of a story, a tiny little piece of the action.  Mine give you ramblings and probably indigestion.  A good short, though, can be an amazing thing.  I read one a while back – and I’ll be damned if I can remember who wrote it (I want to say either Kevin Hearne or Richard Kadrey, two of my favorites) about a curse that just slowly lost power over time until the demon just drank all the guy’s beer.  It was tiny, a couple pages at the most, but it has stuck in my head ever since.

So, another minor segue here; I toyed with Henchmen for the better part of three years before I put the first words on a page.  When it was done, I was kind of worried that I’d never have another idea.  After all, a few years is a long time to percolate a story and if it took nearly 40 years to come up with the idea and another few to actually start writing it, I’d manage one more story in my life.

Maybe.  If I was lucky.

Fortunately, the idea for Arise came along quickly and while I was writing that one I started getting all kinds of crazy ideas; little stories from the Henchmen universe, brand new stuff, the beginnings of new books and so on.  A lot of them were short shots (not necessarily about short shorts, either), not long enough for a full length novel, but begging to be told nonetheless.

So, I started writing short stories into a collection tentatively called The Clock Man.  Here’s the tentative cover.  (I decided it would be better to start the cover design process earlier than almost immediately before I release the book.)

Clock Man tentative cover.

Clock Man tentative cover.

I also recently came across this link, which was kind of an interesting take on the whole thing.  So, sometime this year (bear in mind I’m kind of lazy) I’ll be publishing a group of short stories including:

  • A Valkyrie going off the rails
  • A pair of ghosts that may or may not be the real bad guys
  • A man with a talking gun hunting the bogeyman
  • The white room and the man in gray
  • The titular clock man
  • A dream cookie

And more.

So, stay tuned.  It may be a crazy ride.

4 thoughts on “Shorts

  1. Lemmy’s short shorts pic has yet to load on my phone as I’m travelling into work. Maybe this is a good thing! I love your rambles, the way they meander aimlessly then suddenly come to the point at the end. A writer’s mind truely is a peculiar thing and I can’t read your stuff without grinning. I’m eager to read your short stories – stop procrastinating and get them published!

  2. I saw that movie back in the summer of last year. There’s a story in my collection “Prompt Responses” based on it. Remember Stacia, the girl who danced with Hawkwiind?Appeared briefly in the movie talking about Lemmy getting the boot from said band. She now lives down the road from me.

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