Review – The Legend of Buddy Hero by Adam Oster


I’ve always loved superheroes.  To most people who know me this will come as no surprise.  In fact, I think blinding flash of obvious would probably be an apt descriptor.  While my friends were learning, you know “facts”, and getting “useful knowledge,” I was reading Mad Magazine.  While they were studying to be better people I was learning about the heroes who saved the Earth again and again.

Yeah.  Who’s laughing now, suckers?

So, with that in mind it really should come as no surprise that I enjoyed Adam Oster’sThe Legend of Buddy Hero?”  No, not really.  It was a creative take on a genre that is wide open with possibilities but usually falls into the large guy in tights beats hell out of the other large guy in tights.  What we get instead is the human side of superheroism and a creative solution to a problem.  Rather than donning the cape (no capes!) and relying on his fists our hero has to work with a team and find a way to take down a bigger problem.  And that right there is a nice change in the traditional superhero model.

The story is well written, full of nice twists, good action, and no small amount of humor.  Is it for you?  If you like superheroes, yes it is.  If you don’t, well, it’s still a damn good story and well worth the price of admission, so yeah, it’s for you.  Also, as an added bonus, Damon Memphis is the kind of villain name I wish I could have come up with.

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6 thoughts on “Review – The Legend of Buddy Hero by Adam Oster

    • Edna’s take on everything takes the cake! If only Buddy could have stolen heavily from that character. Honestly…The Incredibles came out during the early planning stages of The Legend of Buddy Hero and I had to make some severe changes to the basic story due to the extreme similarities between the two.

      • Edna did a great job of skewering everything about superheroes. She was absolutely my favorite character in that movie. I lived in constant terror of that happening while I was writing Henchmen. Lucked out that nothing came along to steal my thunder. 🙂

      • The original version of The Legend of Buddy Hero was admittedly a little similar to the basic premise of Watchmen, much more of a dark commentary on the mid-life crisis…I’m actually pretty happy The Incredibles came along and made me rethink what I was doing. Allowed for me to do a lot more of the things I had actually wanted to do, but didn’t know how to fit in the world I had been creating.

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