Bloody Mary and the Power of Nerf

Today we bought a new Nerf Sword.  It’s one of the slick new Zombie Strike models that is almost exactly like the old model he had.  So now he has two swords to come at me with.  Joke’s on him, though, I’ve got a real shinken. 🙂

Cuts through zombies like butter
Cuts through zombies like butter

We also went to a birthday party for one of the kids in his school and he wanted to take the sword with him.  I had to explain to him that birthday parties are not exactly the best places for swordplay, Nerf or otherwise.  Turns out he didn’t want to fight anyone with the sword he was going to use it to destroy a vengeful ghost.

It turns out his school has recently experienced a spate of supernatural activity.  He swears up and down, side to side, and backward to front that he and his friends played Bloody Mary and …

Wait a minute.  What are kids doing with Bloody Marys (Maries?  Crap, I don’t know the plural of Mary).

Archer is my hero

Turns out they’re not drinking Bloody Marys (see above), they’ve been playing a game which I had been unaware of: Blood Mary.  I hadn’t heard of it before; in Farmington we were more concerned with Skinwalkers and aliens.  We had real problems, damnit and couldn’t be bothered with pesky ghosts that haunt mirrors.  Besides, who hangs out in bathroom anyway?  Seriously, find a better place to haunt.

Apparently the game goes like this:  You stand, alone, in a dark bathroom and look in the mirror.  Say “Bloody Mary” three times and the ghost will appear and suck out your eyeballs.

On the plus side, she had a lovely singing voice.
On the plus side, she had a lovely singing voice.

Sounds fun.

Back in my day (damn, I’m getting old), we would have just said Beetlejuice three times and gotten this guy instead.  He might not suck out your eyeballs, but he would demand your daughter’s hand in marriage so if you have a daughter (or three), you might want to reconsider.

Still more fun than having your eyes sucked out.

Now, as for why the vengeful ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots or Mary Worth of Chicago would be interested in a mirror in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Proud member of the United States since 1912) is anyone’s guess, but who can really fathom the reasoning of a ghost?  All I’ve got to say is if she shows up in New Mexico there’s an eight year old with a Nerf sword and an itchy sword finger waiting for her.

You’ve been warned, Mary.



7 thoughts on “Bloody Mary and the Power of Nerf

  1. How did you get through life never knowing about Blood Mary…or the correct plural of Mary? (ok, I don’t know that one either) Happy Sunday, Blood Mary Sunday. You’ve put me in the mood. Funny post.

  2. It’s weird; Bloody Mary just didn’t come up when I was a kid. Everyone else I know has heard of it. Maybe I was lost in a haze of heavy metal and sci fi books.

  3. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable use for a Nerf sword. Come the zombie apocalypse, you’ll be glad of his skills. Now I’m also of the Beetlejuice era (we’re not old, just maturing like a fine wine) and do have a girl or three. I have tried the Beetlejuice mantra but I think my three armed with Nerf guns and mud slingshots are enough of a deterrent.

    1. I prefer to think I’m aging like fine Scotch, but that’s just because wine makes me really sleepy and you don’t want to be sleepy when the zombie apocalypse hits.

      1. Hmmm yes Scotch preferable for zombie attacks. Tends to make my bow arm a tad wobbly but I could flame my own arrows with whiskey breath. Actually I could just sit in comfort with my Scotch and release the children.

      2. And let them flame their arrows. Speaking of which, my son is interested in archery and I’m way way out of date on it. Any suggestions on beginner bows?

  4. Depends what weight he can pull. I like recurves. Good for beginners as you can attach sights etc. You might like an American flat bow – requires more muscle and skill. Over here shops have a target set up and you can have a play while you choose a bow.

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