Review – Upload by Will Marck

One of the interesting things about being an indie author is all of the other indie authors out there putting out creative tales.  They’re hidden in the shadows of the giants, but that doesn’t make them any less talented or capable; it just means fewer people have come across them.  As soon as you toss your hat into the indie ring you find all sorts of other people out there creating worlds and telling stories.

For a long time I simply didn’t leave a lot of reviews for people because most of what I read was from the big name authors and people like Charles Stross, Simon R. Green, Jim Butcher, and Richard Kadrey don’t need my review.  Sure, I probably should have done the right thing and dropped a review for my favorites, but those reviews would have been lost in  sea of existing praise.

Okay, when you get right down to it I’m kind of an asshole and just didn’t feel like spending the time writing reviews.  If you’re interested in any of those guys I can sum it up easily; they’re all great.  Just pick up a book and start reading and you’ll probably dig it if it’s a story that’s up your alley.  If not, no worries.  It doesn’t make them any less talented writers.

In an attempt and shoring up my faltering karma so I don’t reincarnated as a bathroom tile on the floor of a bus station men’s room, I’ve made a decision to write up a review of every damned indie author I read.  And trust me when I say this, my TBR list is getting monstrous.  Actually, it’s grown so large that it achieved self-awareness last night and demanded virgins and beer.

So I’m working through my TBR list and writing reviews and hopefully drumming up some awareness for some talented authors and, in the process, saving my beer.

Today’s entry is from a book I picked up last year after a brief spate of interaction with Will Marck on Twitter.  Will’s a cracker jack author as well as a bang-up reviewer and his reviews are almost as entertaining to read as his books.  His tweets are pretty damned awesome, too.

So, allow me to introduce you to:


This is a novella, and near as I can tell Marck’s first published work.  Leastwise it was the only one I could find on Amazon.  I hope there’s more to come because this is an interesting story that links our world with a future world and nothing is exactly what it seems.  In the best traditions of dystopian stories we find a world where everything is seemingly perfect.  Little hints are dropped that people live extremely long lives, if not forever.  There’s no war, no weaponry, nothing vile to sour the taste of the perfect society.  Even religion has largely been vanquished and relegated to the factories in the desert where it’s used as a form of control.

Out at one those factories in the desert something goes horribly awry and kicks off the story.  Beyond that, it’s difficult to discuss the plot without giving up the finer points of it and some things are best left to be experienced rather than told.

Marck does a wonderful job of painting a picture that’s beautiful on the surface but disgusting underneath and gives us a glimpse at what kind of world we can expect if we simply stop questioning things.  Personally, I hope there’s more to come; Upload kind of leaves us hanging although the subtitle “Origin of Bannon (The Enlightened Series Book 1)” would indicate there’s another story in the works somewhere.  Hopefully it’ll be along sooner rather than later.

Buy Upload at Amazon (NOTE: There’s a different cover at the Amazon site, don’t fret)

Will’s Website

Find Will on Twitter


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