Review – The Revenge of the Pumpkins by Lacey Lane


Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Maybe it’s just some dark part of me or the fact that Halloween hasn’t been sanitized like so many other holidays, but I really enjoy it.

This is probably why I enjoyed this very short story from Lacey Lane.  Given the cover art and the title, I’m sure you’ve probably figured out the gist of the story: pumpkins come to life and take a (large) bit of vengeance.  Clocking in at about 1600 words it’s an extremely short short story and that’s my only complaint with the story.  Make it longer, draw out the tension, do more with the characters and this could be a great horror story.  It’s got the gore, it’s got the magic, it just needs some time for the story to flow into place.

If you’re into stories that make you cringe, this is worth checking out.  It’s free on both Smashwords and Amazon and it’s a good chance to look at a clever idea from someone who I hope will keep writing.

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