Meet moneyguzzler, eBook pirate extraordinaire

From the “I’m sure it happens to everyone at some point” files…

I always wondered how I’d feel when I found the first pirated copy of one of my books.  For over a year it was a completely hypothetical situation and I could look at it in the abstract.  I mean, on the one hand it would mean someone actually cared enough to pirate a copy of it.  On the other hand, someone actually pirated it.  Today I got to experience that feeling without the abstract part of it.  A little site that calls itself mobilism (that’s run on had a copy today.  The Nazi swine that posted it couldn’t even get the newest cover.

Psst. It’s this one:

May cause unexpected awesomeness in readers

May cause unexpected awesomeness in readers

Aside from the obvious “Hey!  That’s mine!” feeling I have to wonder who would be interested enough to read it but can’t spare the $2.99 to buy a copy.  Or get a free one when I run those regular giveaways.  Seriously, if you’re that interested and short of cash drop me a line and I’ll probably send you a copy.

I guess I should look on the bright side: there’s no such thing as bad publicity and if this helps sales of other books, then so be it.  Not that I’m condoning piracy.  I’d prefer it if moneyguzzler and the 400 some odd folks who’ve downloaded it had actually paid for Henchmen, but I try to find the good in the situation.

So, all things aside, this part boggled my mind.  Here’s a link to where moneyguzzler got his much deserved props.  I’ve attached a screenshot in case it gets lost somewhere.  I particularly love the part where the admin thanks him for his hard work and good character.


He’s such a good boy!


Hard work?  How hard is it to download a book, run it through a DRM stripper, convert it in Calibre and rar it up?  Not exactly rocket science, if you know what I mean.

So, there you have it.  My first pirated book.  I sent off the requisite “stop this” letter to the admins at blogikates (who DO NOT condone piracy, even though their site has a special level for people who pirate a lot of books).  Something tells me I doubt I’ll ever hear from them.

If you’d like to buy a legit copy (and make an Indie Author happy), you can get one on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Meet moneyguzzler, eBook pirate extraordinaire

  1. Wow, you must have felt very strange upon discovering this – I’m imagining a mixture of smugness, outrage and bewilderment. And I find that screenshot pretty hilarious. Hope you succeed in getting the pirate copy taken down and also get some publicity out of it!

    • Yeah, I’m still not sure how to feel. I always expected it would happen, but it’s still frustrating and, no, the site hasn’t responded. Moot point, anyway. I just found it on usenet, too, so it’s out there and there’s not much I can do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for publicity and a review or three. 🙂

      • That’s all you can really do, I guess! Glad you aren’t letting it get to you. It isn’t great that some people feel they are entitled to take someone’s work – which took a lot of time and effort to write – and throw it around without a care. Can’t help equating it with coming in to work at the end of the month and being told that there’s no pay for you this time round cause your boss decided you could do it for free…

  2. I’ve just been doing some searching around because I read that this had happened to another author… and clearly the site isn’t going away as I’m writing this comment in 2019. It seems crazy to me that people will sign up and pay for a service … that alows them to avoid paying the people who actually wrote the books.

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