Book Review: Addiction by B.L. Pride

Addiction is a difficult book to review, and not because it’s bad.  It has a pretty damned cool twist that I can’t talk about lest I give away the mystery and I’m not so much of a jerk that I’d do that to you.  There are some books that keep you guessing, where you just want to dig up the Wikipedia entry, read the synopsis and say, “Ah ha!  It was the butler in the library with the candlestick.  I never would have seen that coming.”

But there is no Wiki entry for Addiction.  You have to read it and you won’t see it coming.

The title refers to Mila’s (our heroine, also addictive) addiction to Adam, a mysterious and extremely hot sad guy who Mila falls deeply in love with.

Because Thor.  Wait, that's my Addiction

Because Thor. Wait, that’s my Addiction

It’s Adam’s chemistry and touch that Mila becomes addicted to and she finds herself falling further and further for a guy she frankly doesn’t know that much about.  He’s convinced she’ll ditch him when she learns more about him and she’s convinced she’ll never leave him.

Ah, yes, that's the right one.

Ah, yes, that’s the right one.

At its heart Addiction is a romance, but to keep things interesting it also has some great elements of mystery and acts as the set up for a series which should explain even more.  Normally I’m not given to enjoying romantic stories unless they’re of the “boy meets girl and they both fall in love under a full moon that turns out to be a space station” variety, but Addiction kept my interest until the end and now I find myself wondering where Mila, Adam, and that total jerkface Alex are going to wind up.

There’s plenty of introspection on Mila’s part, so you really get to know her as a person.  There’s also plenty of sex, intrigue, sex, wonder, sex, romance, and sex in the story.  Just kidding; there are some sex scenes, but they’re very tastefully handled which, in my opinion, keeps this firmly on the fiction side of the fence.  With sex scenes it’s easy to tip over into the erotica side of things (which isn’t bad, I know plenty of great authors writing erotica), but B. and L. keep things well in hand (read their author bio for that tidbit).

Overall, though, it’s the story that compels and keeps you coming back for more.  So, B.L. Pride, you’ve got book one of the Beyond Life series out; we’re wondering what will happen in book two.

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