Monsters of the Southwest – The Dulce Base

Okay, it could be argued that this is really an extension of my post about the Greys since the rumors about Dulce center around rumors about the Greys but it makes for an interesting story in and of itself so bear with me on this one.  We’re about to cross through the looking glass folks.

UFOs use unleaded.  I'm not supposed to tell you that, but there you go.

UFOs use unleaded. I’m not supposed to tell you that, but there you go.

Back in 1979 an Albuquerque man by the name of Paul Bennewitz was a part-time UFO investigator, full time business owner.  He and another investigator by the name of Leo Sparkle were doing hypnotic regression on a woman named Myrna Hansen.  Since those crafty aliens are so good at hiding their tracks hypnotic regression was, and laregely still is, the number one way to prove alien abduction.  Under hypnosis Myrna revealed she had been witnessed cattle mutilations (those still happen around here from time to time) and was taken to a secret underground base.  Bennewitz thought there might a link between Myrna’s story and the strange lights around the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility (which, by the way, is nowhere near Dulce).

Paul Bennewitz ultimately built a device to decode alien transmissions and those transmissions led him to discover a secret underground base shared by aliens and government agents.  That base, he determined, was located near Dulce, NM in the Archuleta Mesa.  This was an odd enough situation but got even stranger when a man name Phillip Schneider came forward claiming to have worked as a contractor at the base.  During an expansion Schneider and his team accidentally opened a hole to cavern where the Greys had their own secret base.  This sparked a conflict between the human and alien operators that nearly devolved into a full-blown war before it was contained.

Schneider was later found strangled with a catheter hose.

Underground tunnels, referenced in Arise

Underground tunnels, referenced in Arise

To make things even more interesting, another man named Tomas Costello – who claimed to have been a security guard at the base – claims to have seen horrific experiments carried out by the Greys on unwilling human subjects.  If the rumor mill is to be believed, the Greys were trying to create human/alien hybrids (see this was around long before the X-Files came along).  The friction between the aliens and the humans over the treatment of human subjects again sparked a conflict before it was contained.

Costello fell off the face of the Earth after telling his tale.

So what’s going on in Dulce now?  Who knows, but I doubt they’re up to much good.

Now, onto how I wove all this into the gripping final sequences of Arise.  Again, this takes a bit of time, so make sure you’ve got a full drink handy.

At the end of World War II, with the Nazis in full-on retreat mode, the Allied powers recognized there was a huge amount of high-tech Nazi equipment lying around and set out to capture as much of it as possible.  The United States, Great Brittain, and the Soviet Union all descended on formerly Nazi controlled areas and sucked up whatever the could find.  Among other things, the Allies captured Nazi scientists and kidnapped them (they were Nazis, don’t feel too sorry for them).  Under Operation Paperclip almost 1500 Nazi scientists were extracted to the US to not only expand American technology but deny that information to the Soviets and Great Brittain.  The Soviets also captured a huge amount of Nazis to help with their own technological growth spurt.

Among other things reported to have been captured was a strange machine known as Die Glocke (the bell), something that could apparently do all sorts of thing that weren’t good.  The Bell was a wunderwaffe, something that was intended to single-handedly win the war for Hitler; a thing that might even be able to control a god (that’s my take on it, anyway).

Yep, it's a bell

Yep, it’s a bell

Ostensibly, all the captured scientists were engineers, technicians, and the like, but the Nazis were also experts at biological and chemical warfare and had their own long history of experimenting on unwilling subjects.  Again, if you follow the rumor mill, it’s not too hard a leap to make to wonder if some of those guys came back, too.  The United States was technically harboring war criminals so adding a few more to the mix wouldn’t have been too big a deal.  The Nazis also had a large occult group running around, some of whom would have undoubtedly fallen under US control.

Alien/human hybrids

Alien/human hybrids

Take all those things and add in the rumors of Dulce and you’ve got a recipe for good action.  It’s not much of a leap to think those same Nazis could easily have wound up at Dulce, with or without alien assistance.  Now, the Nazis were viscious bastards, but they were smart and tenacious viscious bastards who would have looked at alien/human hybrid experimentation as a perfect chance to continue their work on the master race.

Hence the apes in Arise; strong, easily controlled, not very smart, but paired with a genetically enhanced superman they would make an impressive army for a group that would have grown used to working in the shadows.  Over time they would have created something terrible; only the fickle caresses of fate stopped their plans.

Of course, there was at least one perfect man left at the end of the story…

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