Book Review – Reborn by S.L. Stacy

One of the marks of a good novel, in my opinion anyway, is when I find myself immersed enough in the story that I start wondering what I would do in the same situation.  Ian Moore’s Salby Damned was like this for me, an all-encompasing feeling of being actually in the story.

S.L. Stacy’s Reborn was the same way, albeit more it was bit trickier for me to imagine myself in the story since it’s told from the point of view of a young woman in a college Sorority.  I went to college so – check – got that one.  I’ve been many things, but I’ve never been in a Sorority and I’ve never been a woman.  If that’s the only barrier to immersion, it’s a small one and the fact that Reborn was that immersive makes it a pretty damned impressive story.  Effective writing is the key to that one and Ms. Stacy is a damned fine writer.

So, what’s good about it (other than the writing)?  Well, for starters it’s just flat-out a good story.  Ms. Stacy manages to seamlessly weave together the mundane aspects of college, the sisterhood of the Sorority, and the wings that pop out of the back of the main character whenever her emotions start to run wild.  That’s also an impressive feat unto itself and a that makes this a great example of well-written urban fantasy fiction.

The mystery of the story helps keep the reader going, too.  Ms. Stacy is masterful at dropping little bread crumbs of information that keep you wondering about what’s going on.  As one mystery is answered, it leads invariably to another, larger mystery that will be covered in the sequel (Relapse).  Don’t get me wrong here, you don’t leave Reborn wondering what the hell just happened, you leave it satisfied that its part of the story has been covered.  But that story is only part of a larger arc.  I haven’t read Relapse yet, but it’s on my TBR list.

Description (from Amazon)

“Back in high school, Siobhan Elliot’s life was simple: Cheerleading, friends, and parties. But that all changed the night she and her friends investigated a mysterious light in the woods. There they found an injured man –an irresistible man with hypnotic blue eyes and magnificent black wings. A man Siobhan recognized. He was the handsome dark angel from her dreams. And with one touch of his hand, he left her with a special gift: a set of mythical wings that would change her life forever. Then he disappeared without a trace. Siobhan thought she would never see him again.

Now, six years later, her dark angel reappears –this time as a teaching assistant at her college. He calls himself Jasper. He challenges everything Siobhan thought she knew about herself and her world. And he’s come back for only one thing: her. Or so he says. Siobhan is about to find out that nothing is what it seems in this strange, new world.”



Get your copy here and enjoy the ride.

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