How to Make Editing Easier: Simple Tips to Make Your First Draft Better

I’ve got some serious editing coming up soon. As in about 100k words worth of editing…

Silas Payton


I’ve often heard it said about you first draft, “Just get it written.” I agree it is extremely important to finish your project, however, there is one thing to keep in mind…if the editing is too daunting, you may never take your finished crappy first draft and turn it into what you want to.

I’ve come to realize that I much prefer the writing process to the editing. Writing is an escape. It’s a creative mind dump, playing with your characters, following them on a journey as it unfolds. Editing is work. It’s reading your work of art and saying, “That doesn’t sound right. That has to change. What kind of car was that? What did I mean when I wrote — Xxxxxxxx change this later? Wow, I must have written that part when I was half asleep.”

When I write, I enter a different world and it is easy…

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