Writing and the Influence of Music: a Tribute

Music can really set a mood for me when I’m writing.

Silas Payton


I’ve long thought of writing a series of blog posts on the topic of music inspiring writing, highlighting a few songs at a time. There are few things that have the power to drive thought and emotions like music does. I love listening to music while I run and just letting my mind wander. A song can come on, stimulating a thought process and suddenly I’ve got a new book idea, or I’ve figured out a difficult scene. I’ve intended to share some of the great music that has stimulated some of my writing for a while, but today was a special kind of run and I thought it’d be a perfect day to start.

As some of you might know, we lost our family dog and companion of 18 years earlier this week. It has been difficult and emotional week and as writers do, I put up walls and…

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