Ban My Book – Part 2

In my ongoing attempt to extend an olive branch to the crazies I’d like to offer some very compelling reasons to ban my latest book. I wrote up a point-by-point analysis of why Henchmen and Arise should be banned, but in the interest of saving someone some very valuable time, I’ve compiled this list of excellent reasons why The Clock Man should – nay, must be banned immediately.

  • Alluding to the idea that neutrality is better than good or evil.
  • A group using a long-running battle between good and evil to make profit for themselves. Something like that would certainly never happen in the real world.
  • Use of witchcraft, Dia De Los Muertos statues, magic, and a talking weapon designed to kill Gods. Heck, just the idea that a God could be killed is considered heresy in some places.
  • Magic and ghosts. Actually The Protectors is pretty tame, but should probably be banned just to be on the safe side. It wouldn’t do to risk wrath, now would it?
  • The idea that human can capture a God and that God can start a brand new religion. Heresy. Political figures shown in a negative light. Not as negative a light as in Henchmen, but pretty negative.
  • A morally ambiguous hero.
  • Taken one way, The Clock Man can be allegory for a human killing God.
  • Murders, allusions to sex, a woman in lingerie trying to seduce someone, a woman who’s not only powerful but thinks for herself.
  • Norse Gods as real beings.
  • Magic, witchcraft, a monster that’s something less than despicable, a hint that a monster is sent as punishment.

I’ve done the heavy lifting here, so it’s up to the morality police to use their power to make sure everyone knows about this book and just how filled with moral turpitude it is.

“A coward turns away, but a brave man’s choice is danger.” – Euripides

“The truth, no matter the cost.” – Spider Jerusalem

TheClockManFinalHenchmenGuyRevBSmall AriseGuyRevBSmall

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