Book Review – Bears of Glass by N A Shoemaker


Ryan Jacobs and his sister Riley never get along, he’s almost in high school, and to top it all off, he can’t stop having a horrific recurring nightmare. When his family takes an unexpected vacation, his dream becomes a little TOO real for his liking. Can you handle his Nightmares in the Dark?

Bears of Glass follows the adventures of Ryan, a young going through the sort of malaise a lot of us do at his age. He’s got bullies at school to deal with, a little sister that he only intermittently gets along with, and recurring nightmares about bears.

The bears Ryan keeps dreaming of aren’t the cute bear cubs like this


Hot bear on bear action.

They’re more along the lines of real-life apex predators that look goofy until you get too close and suddenly find yourself missing limbs. Adult bears are big critters and they’re immensely powerful animals.


Give me all the salmon and no one gets hurt.

One on one, you’re likely not a match for a bear, even if you have been practicing your Vibrating Hand of Death (I have). But poor Ryan is in his early teens and having recurring nightmares about being chased by packs of the beasts.

In addition to all this, he has visions, waking nightmares so vivid he can’t be certain they’re not real. Yet, every time his parents check on things there’s nothing wrong. All the damage is curiously missing. The way the narrative is woven it almost makes you wonder if something dastardly is going on or if Ryan is just flat-out losing it. As the story continues the answer becomes more and more obvious until the finale when we learn the horrifying truth.

This is the kind of book I’d be happy to let my son read if I wasn’t worried that I’d never get him into the forest again after reading it. The characters are on the early teen side, so it will appeal to younger readers. For all the background horror elements, it’s not overly graphic. All in all, ideal for younger readers.

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