Salby Evolution – A Cover Story…

And some phenomenal work from Ian Moore’s writing and Nico Laeser’s art

The Quill Pen Writes

I want to introduce you to someone I consider to be a true gentleman.

No only that, this man has talent you couldn’t measure. He is a reputable author, brilliant designer and commissioned artist, as well as a songwriter and musician. More than that, I consider him a true friend among friends.

This man is called Nico Laeser.

I’d like to tell you a story if I may. Go grab yourself a coffee, or a tea if you prefer, and join me in the making of a book cover.

My story begins with a problem. How to get a decent cover for a sequel book, given the impact of the first extremely expensive cover for Salby Damned. My wallet began to tremble and beads of sweat formed upon my brow at the thought of several weeks of overtime to raise the funds needed. It was about this time that I’d…

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