Book Covers – Transmute

Transmute is almost ready to fly. I’ve got a couple beta readers still flipping through things, but the main text is done. In the interim, I’ve been tweaking the eBook cover and working on the print cover. The print cover is, of course, far more time-consuming. After some back and forth with the good people at Indie Author Support & Discussion, I think they’re pretty much done.

What do you think?


Here’s the eBook version, which has slightly different dimensions than the print version.


And the print version, complete with blurb.

3 thoughts on “Book Covers – Transmute

  1. I absolutely love it Eric. The first two Henchmen books are excellent and were a great introduction to your talented writing. I wish you all the best with Transmute. It’s a great cover – but I think ‘Arise’ is the best (but all three are awesome). Well done and good luck with the release,

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