Good News, Everyone


This is my first full-on We Are The World Blogfest post. The idea behind #WATWB was to say in even though it sometimes seems like it, the world isn’t really going to hell in a hand-basket. The bottom line is this: it seems dark and shitty, but the world will march on and eventually the evil bastards will be forced back into their holes with pitchforks and torches. With a bit of luck, we’ll remember these times and, just like the protest/counter-protest that erupted into violence, but ultimately descended into intelligent conversation, some day we’ll look back and wonder how we were manipulated into hatred so easily. Maybe it’s just in our nature.

But, just to prove Emperor Palpatine isn’t pulling the strings of the world, it’s important to remember good things happen, too.

Rather than focus on the differences and find the best ways to fight those things out until only one person remains, it’s still possible to engage those who think differently without resorting to violence. And even if the violence does erupt, that doesn’t mean it has to keep going.

There’s a video that’s been going viral lately about a man who breaks up a fight between a pair of 14-year-olds. In it, he encourages them to stop and think about why they’re doing what they’re doing. It’s far too easy to resort to fighting for everything and finding offense in every little thing, but that doesn’t help things. As I used to tell the kids’ Kenpo class, it’s always easier to avoid a fight than to win one.

Go watch it here.

If you’re down for spreading a little good news every now and then, hop on board with #WATWB, click here or go check ’em out on Facebook. There’s no obligation and, just like the video, sometimes all it takes is one person to make a positive change.

12 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone

  1. I like your choice and take on this video for your first #WATWB post. I agree that this man is the epitome of what kids need to understand. He knows what’s what, and did the right thing for the right reasons. Would that the world had more people like him in it.

  2. “even though it sometimes seems like it, the world isn’t really going to hell in a hand-basket.” Couldn’t have said it better, myself. Thanks for this video– sometimes, the right stuff goes viral. 🙂

  3. This is all very true. All each one of us has to do is live a life of love and peace. It catches on. No, we cannot fix all the world’s so-called problems in the blink of an eye. What we can do is focus on our individual selves and how we can be a light in the world and contribute in some positive way to our respective communities. Basically, live a life of love, kindness, compassion, and peace. In that way, each of us IS changing the world.

  4. Wow, the tenacity of that guy — to stop in the first place and then to hang in there until the kids shook hands. Great example of courage and selfless love.

  5. We need more of these videos to go viral!
    It’s been viewed 14 million times and has been shared a half-million times…so there is still hope for us humans!
    I always say that it’s the little daily acts of kindness that add up in the long run…you know the ones that don’t cost a cent? Yep. Those.

    • I’m always amazed that people won’t do the simplest, cheapest thing if it means any inconvenience for them. Holding the door or the elevator costs nothing and takes a trivial amount of time, but you’d be amazed at how many people won’t do it. Let alone intervene in a fight.

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