Roadside Attractions – Blurb Hell

Roadside Attractions has been picked up for publication by Kyanite Press. It should come out sometime in 2020 or thereabouts. In addition to the text and the cover (both of which are undergoing modifications), I have to come up with a damned blurb.

Blurbs are one of those things that you have to deal with. I’ve written about how to do them a few times on this blog, but like a lot of things, they’re easier to write about than to actually write. I think I’ve got a decent one, but any input would be welcome.

A piece of Hell exists in a tiny town in southern Arizona.
During a not-so-routine investigation into a haunting, a pair of ghost hunters get a strange text message beckoning them to Dragoon, Arizona. The message promises them a ghost unlike any they’ve ever met and riches galore for investigating the entity. They find the ghost, but more sinister forces are lurking in the town and soon the ghost-hunters – and the ghost they were sent to hunt – find themselves caught between a renegade devil and the hitwoman sent from Hell to stop him. With time running out and no one to turn to, they’ll have to dig deep into science, magic, and themselves to stop a great evil from awakening or the world will suffer an eternity of darkness.

Comments? Thoughts? More rotten fruit tossed at me while an angry mob chants at me to give writing and go back to whatever rock I crawled out from under?

Also, is this a dope-ass cover or what?


5 thoughts on “Roadside Attractions – Blurb Hell

  1. Great cover, Eric – as usual! And maybe like the tilt toward the pale green especially 🙂

    Re the blurb, at, “..they’ll have to dig deep into science, magic, and themselves to stop a great evil….” – how ‘bout if it’s something like, “they’ll have to dig deep within themselves to create science-magic, to….”

    But that might not fit the story, lol! Either way, sounds intriguing, Eric 🙂

  2. First, congratulations! Second, love the cover. Third, I hate doing these short things and would prefer writing a novel to boiling it down to a few sentences, but I think it’s easier to do it for someone else because you’re not the one who labored over every quote and comma in the story, so I gave it a shot for you:
    “A piece of hell lives in the tiny border town of Dragoon, Arizona – literally. A pair of hard-boiled ghost hunters sign on for a routine, yet lucrative investigation to find a ghost “unlike any they’ve ever met.” Before they’re through, the hunters will be caught in the crossfire of a renegade devil and the hit woman sent from hell to take him out. Science, magic, and sinister forces awake in this bipolar world where failure means an eternity of darkness and the ghost may actually be the good guy.”

    Good luck and congrats again, Eric.

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