#WATWB – Your Monthly Shot of News That Doesn’t Suck

The normal process for WATWB is to find an uplifting news story, talk it up a bit, and bring a little light to an otherwise dreary world. That’s why I usually title my posts “Your Monthly Shot Of New That Doesn’t Suck”; it’s a little jab to the nose of perceived reality. Normally, I scour the Internet – by which I mean look up Reddit’s Uplifting News section – until I find something that looks good. Then I babble about it for a while and give you a funny picture. Book it. Done.

These days, with a pandemic calling us and breathing heavily into the phone like some kind of damned degenerate, positive news is getting a bit harder to scrounge up and no one really wants to hear about the dog, squid, and spitting cobra that managed to find their way across the country to go home. Toss in a completely incompetent executive branch and a bunch of snapper-heads claiming it’s all a hoax and you’ve got a recipe for telling everyone to fuck the hell off.

But the thing is, this isn’t forever.

This morning, against my better judgment, I hopped on my bike and took a ride down the Tramway trail. 20mph headwind and going out to the end of the trail is mostly uphill. It was brutal. Fingers going numb, wind echoing so loud in my ears I couldn’t even hear my heart pounding. But I made it and let me tell you, coming back down was amazing.

In a way, everything is like that. You struggle, you fight, you get to the end and coast for a little while, then you do it all over again. Sounds miserable, but every time you conquer something, you get a little tougher.

So, yeah, being cooped up sucks. Watching my national government screw the pooch in every way possible while still managing to claim they’re doing a great job sucks. Wondering when this all going to end sucks.

But it will end because nothing is forever. Some things, like most of my comm classes in college, may feel like they’re going to last forever, but they never do. Eventually it all comes to an end and you get to move on to something different.

Except taxes. Those apparently last forever.

Anyway, tuck your chin, keep your hands up, roll with the punches, and know this will end.

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And now your moment of Zen.

7 thoughts on “#WATWB – Your Monthly Shot of News That Doesn’t Suck

  1. Thanks Eric … reminds me a bit of Robert Pirsig – but hey, since you mention taxes what about Death? Doesn’t Death last forever? And while all of this is very taxing, I wish you well, keep safe, wash your hands and keep on riding – not into the sunset just yet.

  2. We are stronger for each hurdle that we conquer. I just hope that we make something positive out of this experience too.

    • It’ll be interesting to see what permanent changes result from it. I think America needs to look more seriously at telework and definitely needs to take a good, hard look at our healthcare system. Obviously, there’s no way we could maintain a permanent system ready to handle a pandemic, but we’ve still got a lot of uninsured people out there who simply cannot afford to get treated.

  3. Hi Eric – well done on getting out against the odds; we all need to do what we can to help others get through this, keep our own and others’ spirits up, while trying to find the best way through and out of this – all the best to you and yours – take care – Hilary

  4. Every challenge we overcome does help us in the long run. If we look at it most of our grandparents and great grandparents endured world wars, disease, poverty, pestilence, horrific megalomaniac leaders and yet here WE are. We are living proof that people are adaptable and we can rebuild…(cue bionic man music). Great post as always! Thanks so much for sharing and for being a part of #WATWB. Stay safe and be well! 🙂

    • I told my son the other day that while we’re in the middle of this mess it looks insurmountable, but when it’s over, he’s gonna have some great stories to tell his kids. 🙂

      • That’s a good way to explain it. I can’t imagine what kids are feeling about this. Growing up we really didn’t have many concerns..in my early teens it was the cold war but nothing of this magnitude. Hats off to all parents now! Take care of you and yours… stay well!

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