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About this time last year, I was sitting in my office, drinking coffee and checking the news – wait, scratch that. I was drinking coffee and working hard when someone showed up at my cubicle entrance unannounced. Now, a man’s cubicle is his tiny, fabric-covered castle and when a stranger shows up there’s only one thing to do. After I popped him in the jaw for interrupting my very, very important work, I helped him up off the ground and he told me to go home. Not because I’d just punched him – he respected both the power and accuracy of my snake-like strike to his beak – but because of COVID.

Of course, I’m mostly joking. He didn’t feel the sting of my lightning fist, but he did send me, along with everyone else in the office, home. My son’s school had shut down the previous night and later that day my wife would also be sent home. The office, along with everything else in New Mexico, was for mission-critical folks only. At the time, we’d figured it would be a couple of weeks to a month and things would normalize. That time dragged on. And on. And on. Meanwhile, a rube in a bad suit kept telling us it was fine while actual disease experts said he was an idiot for saying that. Mania took hold and, in true American tradition, we diverged into two extremist camps and hurled insults at each other. Businesses were shuttered, some permanently, and everyone got to adapt to being home an awful lot more than we ever had before. And now we’re celebrating the first year anniversary of our two-week lockdown.

I’ve often said the one thing that would make humans work together would be an external threat. I always figured it would be aliens, but a brand new virus turned to work pretty well, too. Aside from the knuckleheads who still claim it was made up, most of the world put their heads together and figured out how to stop the damned thing. It turned out to be easier than saving us from ourselves. There are still people denying the virus exists even as they’re dying from it. Reports indicate our rube in the bad suit came perilously close to dying from it and only an entire team of top-notch people managed to save his dumb ass from something he told everyone wasn’t a big deal.

A little over a year in and we’ve got multiple vaccines getting distributed. We’ve also got fake vaccines and vaccination records being sold on Darknet, proving yet again that there’s no low some folks won’t stoop to. But the good news is there are legit vaccines being passed around, most people have decided wearing a mask in public wasn’t going to turn them into communists, and it looks like the worst might be abating. Slowly, but surely. Businesses are opening back up, kids will be going back to school, and I got to stand in line to let someone inject me with an edited virus. Twice. Yes, I’m fully vaccinated. And aside from a lust for human blood and constantly hearing Bill Gates’s voice telling me to buy more copies of Windows and Office, I didn’t have much in the way of side effects. For about 1/2 an hour, I couldn’t decide if I was hot or cold, but that was about it. Others have reported Covid-like symptoms that last for a few hours to a day and disappear. Pretty impressive considering this time last year, we didn’t even know what the damned thing looked like, let alone how to get microchips small enough that we could inject them through tiny needles in an effort to control the world’s population.

When Joe Biden took office, one of his promises was 100 million vaccines in 100 days. We managed to pull it off in 58 days. There’s still a long way to go and you still need to wear a mask, but there’s a light on the edge of the horizon and someday we’ll look back on this time in world history and, well, probably not laugh, but at least breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over and try to find ways to make sure the next global pandemic is handled better than this one.

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11 thoughts on “#WATWB – Your Monthly Shot of News That Doesn’t Suck

  1. Mr. Vampire Lahti, I’m happy for your vaccination. Still waiting for mine as I somehow fall into the “general population” group here in WI. Hopefully, by the end of April, I’ll be able to sign myself up for a couple shots of safety.

    What a messed up year it has been. It would have been different and not as insane or deadly, I’m sure, without the bad suit guy and denial of science by him and his minions. From here, though, we just have to keep moving forward…together…stay positive, and get past this thing.

    • Of all the things I never expected to live through, a global pandemic is one of them. I’m glad it wasn’t something really nasty like Ebola, but maybe if it was people would have taken it more seriously. Oh, ah. History probably won’t smile on us and a lot of people are dead, but there’s at least an end out there to look forward to.

  2. Still waiting for mine, probably in the summer. Canada is a wee bit slower with the vaccinations but so glad there is an end in sight. Thanks so much for sharing, co-hosting and for being a part of #WATWB!😊 Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. I’ve had both shots and today marks the end of our two week waiting period. This weekend we will see our daughter and her husband for the first time in a year. Definitely good news!

  4. Great share Eric. I agree, Biden is doing a great job, and even ‘loaning’ us 20 million vaccines here in Canada. I wish our country would get their act together. Ironically, I managed to have jab 1 two weeks ago, with no return date so far as we have to hope to get enough vaccine for us one shot people too. 🙂

  5. Glad you & family had your jabs Eric and there’s less yellin’ in the corners. The past year feels like a dream. I wonder if there will be further restrictions, before or after Easter .. this govt is good at springing surprises on us. Thanks for co-hosting this month, great entry.

    • I am worried people will just decide it’s all over and we’ll have another big explosion of cases. Then – boom! – lockdown 3. Hopefully, we won’t, but it’s always in the back of my mind.

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