Car Porn 2 – The 2016 Albuquerque Supernationals

Another year has passed and once again my son and made our annual trek to the Albuquerque Supernationals. Last year’s Car Porn entry is here. For those not in the know, the Supernationals is a car show featuring a lot of custom cars, classic cars, and general muscle cars. This year also featured Henry Winkler. Had I known he was there I might have been tempted to print out a Fonz picture and have him sign it. We did get to see him, though. I waved and Mr. Winkler nodded. It was epic. This is an image-heavy post, so be prepared to wait while everything loads.


The only Italian exotic in the show: Lamborghini Gallardo. Want.


I’m slowly falling for the new Chargers. I’ve never been a huge American muscle car fan, but there’s nothing quite like the rumble of those huge engines.


Classic Stingray. Interesting side-note. Right under the x bar is a wanted poster for River Tam. My son asked who she was. It might be time to bust out the Firefly episodes.


My mom had a Gremlin when I was growing up. I never thought anyone would think to turn one into a hot rod.


Windows and windshields are for suckers. Zoom in to see the giant red spider between the seats.


Dragsters are cool.


Heavily modded Woody. It looked like something had crawled out of a cartoon and sat there looking awesome and shiny.


Classic Stingray.


Extremely detailed low rider. Zoom in to see the detail work painted on the frame. Totally NSFW but an amazing amount of detail went into this thing.


The airbrushing on the front.


The whole car


The actual GTO used in XXX. The dashboard was a thing of beauty but the pictures didn’t turn out.


Elvis is everywhere.


I had a ’65 Baja Bug when I was in high school. The damned thing blew a spark plug clean out of the engine block one night when I was driving home from work.


America in van form. If this van’s a rockin’… well. You know what to do.


The ever-popular Bel-Air


I don’t know what this is, but I want it.

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