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Pitbulls catch a lot of shit due to the actions of a small handful of terrible people. They’re wonderful dogs: Playful, silly, affectionate, protective, and patient. Several years ago, we got an email from a friend who’d just had a young pittie show up on her doorstep, scraped up and needing a home. Since she already had two dogs, she wondered if our dog would like a friend. We did a little research, introduced the dogs to each other, and wound up with our first pittie.

Contrary to the stories we’d heard, Tina was far from a remorseless killing machine. She was patient, lovable, and more likely to run to a safe distance and bark than attack someone.


All in all, a great dog. Unfortunately, she got bone cancer and we had to put her to sleep.

Pits get a lot of bad press and the world loves to cast them as villains. Yes, they’re strong. Yes, those jaws can be scary. And, yes, a lot of them have bad dispositions that come from them being trained to fight. But the basic pit bull is a loving, silly critter who’ll do anything for attention.

Due to the relentless stories about pits, they’ve developed a bad reputation and some cities have even banned them. They’re headstrong and can be a handful sometimes, and a lot of them wind up in shelters when a family realizes playing with them a half-hour a week isn’t going to cut it. And, yes, they can be holy terrors when it comes to furniture – ours chewed and old couch straight down to the frame. But she also let my son crawl all over her and tug on her ears with nary more than a grunt and a sigh and needed someone to hold her when the wind got too high.

Since so many of them wind up in bad situations, a tattoo parlor in Little Rock is donating all the money from their paw-print tats to Out of the Ashes Pit bull Rescue. So, now you can get tatted up and help a pitbull. Heck, you could probably even get all tatted up with a tough-looking pawprint tattoo and get a pitbull. Unfortunately, this is only going on until the end of March, but hopefully others will pick up the slack. If you’re not into ink, you could always go to your local shelter or pitbull rescue and meet an actual dog. Who knows, you might just find a friend.

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