Book Release: Transmute

I started Transmute a little over a year ago. It’s been a long ride to get it to the final point, but I’m pleased to announce it’s now available. If you’re looking for an amazing ride, this is your book. It’s got a new god trying to come to grips with his role, an engine who can make dreams real, a Valkyrie, and some seriously bad guys gunning for them.

It also has the best food you can find in a bowling alley anywhere.

All he wants is a dinner date with his girlfriend, but there are jerks everywhere.
As if Steven doesn’t already have enough problems dealing with the Dreaming Lands actively rebelling against his rule, the freshly minted God of Dreams has to learn how to be a god, deal with overzealous followers, and generally get his head in the game. To make things worse, a powerful enemy has set its sights on Steven and Jessica, and the entire world could be at stake.
New god. New powers. New problems. At least he’s still got friends.

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Stay Tuned…

I’ll be doing a cover reveal for R.A. McCandless’s new novel Hell Becomes Her right here on October 19th, 2015.  It’s an exciting time and the very first cover reveal I’ve been involved in.

After that excitement has died down, I’ve got another treat: the first bit of Henchmen 3.

Make sure your seat belts are fastened, tray tables locked, and your seats are in the full upright position: it’s gonna be a Hell of a ride.

Now, to celebrate the tough women of fiction, enjoy a picture.  Have a great weekend.