Praise is nice, but it’s criticism that really helps

I submitted Henchmen to Creativity Hacker’s Immerse or Die Challenge, a challenge whereby Jefferson Smith reads a book while he’s on the treadmill.  It didn’t go so well for me, but at least he didn’t shred me.

Oh, ah.

It’s unfortunate, but true, that it’s the constructive criticism that helps the most.  Hearing you’re awesome is great and all, but I’d really like to grow as a writer and for that to happen, I need to know what needs work.  I’ve gotten good reviews and some mediocre reviews, and a whole whack of friends who never bothered to say one way or the other what they thought.

So, thank you Jefferson Smith.  I really appreciate the feedback.

After I’m done editing the sequel, I think it’s time to take another look at Henchmen and do some serious reworking now that I’ve got a bit more experience under my belt.