Writing Is Work, But It’s Fun Work

I’m a programmer by trade. For the most part, I enjoy my work and my company. There are times when things get frustrating and I swear I’m going to go become an auto mechanic or arms dealer or some such thing, but there’s really no way I’m going to do either of those things. I don’t know enough about cars to fix them professionally and I don’t have the knowledge or contacts in the arms dealing world to get started. That and it turns out there are these rules about selling advanced weaponry to people.

Sheesh. It’s not like I’m starting the revolution; I’m just providing the means at a tidy profit to myself.

So instead I program stuff and generally enjoy my days. In the evenings (and sometimes late into the night) I write books and stories. I decided early on to learns as much as I could about the entire process of putting together a book from writing to formatting to cover design to actual print and eBook distribution. At first I put out some shaky products, but I’m slowly getting better. The only thing I really need to invest some money in is an editor. Fortunately, I have friends who will happily point out typos and generate lists of things that went wrong. I appreciate the effort, but it’s hardly fair to them to do all that extra work, so I’ll be calling on an editor in the future.

This weekend was spent doing some stuff that really needed done. I redid covers for Henchmen and Arise, created a couple new Twitter ad pieces, and edited The Clock Man.

What can I say? It was work. But it’s still enjoyable work and I had a blast redoing the covers. All the work is done, the new covers cleaned up and uploaded, some new text changes (mostly to the Also By pages) were done on Henchmen and Arise, and The Clock Man got a slew of typos taken out and summarily shot.

I decided to embrace my comic book heritage for the covers, rather than redoing the photo images. They may not be realistic but, let’s face it, neither are the books. There are elements of realism in both books and I tried to keep the stories at least somewhat grounded, but there’s still very much a superhero – well, super villain – vibe going on in both books. The third (of four) book in the Henchmen series is well underway, in case you were wondering.

Since the new covers haven’t completely circulated through Amazon’s legion of servers, here they are. Now I’m getting that itch to redo The Clock Man cover.