I’d Like to Buy an ‘O’ – Edit All the Things

You haven’t experienced fun until you’ve spent some time redesigning your covers for maximum awesomeness, cleaning the edges and making sure all the elements align correctly, creating jpg and png versions as well as smaller png files you can use for ad stock, uploading the new covers to Amazon, and waiting patiently until the changes get propagated around the world. The truly fun part, though, the one that I’ll look back on and laugh about at some distant point in the future, is getting everything up and running and having someone tell you there’s a typo on the cover text.


There are a whopping sixteen words on that cover – and two of them are my name. One of them is misspelled. I guess I got too wrapped up in the awesome to notice a missing O. Fortunately it’s easy to delete a tweet, pull it from my Facebook wall, delete the image from Tumblr, fix the image, re-upload to Amazon, and get a new copy updated on this blog.

Still. ~Sigh~.

Here’s the fixed copy. Extra special thanks to Kevin MacMaster for so rapidly pointing out the typo.


The moral of the story? Edit all the things.