Henchmen 2

So, my sequel is sitting at about 85k words and needs probably about 5k more words to finish the last chapter and tie together some pieces I didn’t feel like tying together when I wrote them.

Your interesting but useless bit of trivia for the day: word counts are what authors and publishers work off since pages are varying in size and length. There are very few established rules for word counts in a novel or short story or what-have-you. The only real rule is a story is done when the story is done.

A rough estimate for page count is approximately 250 words to a page (didn’t think it was that short, did you?), so I’m currently guessing between 340 and 360 pages for the new book.

A few stats for you:
Henchmen clocked in at just over 70k words, so the sequel is a bit longer and contains more dialogue. This has kicked the Word page count up to a current total of 201 pages.
Henchmen had a Word page count at 163.
Total (current) editing time: 196 hours, 42 minutes.
Times I was typing while I was mostly asleep (I’m a pretty good touch typist): a few. Seriously, my eyes were closed while I was writing.
First line written: 11/10/2013 at 8:54pm (Word keeps track of these things for me).

Next steps:
Finish writing the sucka and tie the pieces together.
First draft of edits
Pass off to my wife for more edits
Put together a beta team and let them read it
Design a cover that doesn’t blow as much chunks as the first one did. The new banner is where I’m trending. I’ve been reading Hickman’s God Is Dead comics and I absolutely love the minimalist design. Without outright copying it, I’m trying to get a similar feel. I used to do design (many years ago) and was so-so at it. I need to get back some of those skills.

Happy Tuesday! Hope your day is great!


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