Muchas gracias!

A sincere thank you to Sylva Fae for her wonderful review of Henchmen.  Read her review here and enjoy the rest of her blog which is filled with magic and wonder.  Also a shout-out to the talented Tom Benson for his kick-ass review!

I think I might have just won some kind of award for maximum link density here…  Go check out their blogs and writing, Sylva and Tom are extremely talented people and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet them – even if it was only online.

Thank you both.

2 thoughts on “Muchas gracias!

  1. Thank you for the name check Eric – I am humbled. My review simply tells it like it is – and I really enjoyed Henchmen. I’m leaving the sequel for a few days so that I can look forward to enjoying it at my leisure.

  2. Tom, seriously, thank you. It’s like pulling teeth to get reviews out of people, so thank you very much for your time and your review. I really enjoyed Taste of Honey, so I’ll be reading more of your work soon.

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