Larry Flynn, keeping it simple and finding your way to the Hero…

Brilliant thoughts from a brilliant author.

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 Suckin’ on your last breath never comes easy. There is an undetermined limit to the imagination, but a very defined limit to one’s ability to translate what is festered or nurtured in the mind onto the page. If there wasn’t, sure everyone would be a writer.  Certainly there are plenty of pretenders and wannabes but the true sign of writing talent is when a writer makes it seem easy.

I have been in awe of some of the simplest books really. Perhaps my favourite example is The Little Prince, a book I have adored and read many times. Ernest Hemmingway, Stephen King to name just a couple of other divergent writers, similarly keep it quite simple and make their stories come to life in a way that implies the task was easy.  Although I am not a huge fan of Stephen King, one of his books, The…

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