Episodic Saxton

We’ve been watching the X-Files recently. The old-school, classic X-Files that were so wonderful until the ongoing plot really started to drag things down because it didn’t really ever get resolved. Then Mulder left and it just wasn’t the X-Files anymore.

But the early stories were the shit. An underlying, long-term plot about alien invasion? Weekly monsters including voodoo and devil worshippers and that thing that stalked people over the early Internet? Hell, yeah. Sign me up.


Admit it, you just started humming the theme song.

The thing that was so brilliant about it was how some stories featured stand-along pieces and others covered an over-arching exploration of the aliens. It kept you coming back for years. The fact that the characters were interesting and the acting was good just flat-out made it a good show.

Now, I’ve never written for a TV show, so I don’t really know the process, but I have written books. It takes me close to a year to get a full novel written, edited, formatted, and out the door. That’s kind of a long time and a full-length novel isn’t exactly the best medium for handling smaller stories and one larger story.

Enter Saxton. I’ve blogged about this idea before, and I’ve been Tweeting snippets of Saxton here and there while I work on it. The idea was to make better use of Kindle Unlimited – Amazon’s all you can read plan – while making shorter tales that each told a complete story and helped evolve the overarching story. I won’t give away the overarching story line here, but I will tell you the first edition is almost ready to go.

With a bit of luck (and no small amount of marketing), this process will help keep up interest in my work without having to hurry novels along, introduce my writing to people who don’t necessarily want a full-length novel (or find the politics and religion of the Henchmen series to be a turn-off), and it lets me stretch a bit so I don’t get writer’s block while working on H3nchm3n and dysRUPT.

They won’t be short stories, either. The first entry is almost 20k words now, well into novella territory. For those who don’t have Kindle Unlimited, each entry will be 99¢. Depending on the results, I may compile the whole lot into a single bulk book at the end of the year.

Saxton: Uneasy Allies should be ready by or before April 1 (yay! my birthday). After that, expect a new Saxton story every other month. Mystery, magic, secret societies, and monsters will all converge in the end to create an epic tale of good versus evil and one man’s changing view of exactly what constitutes good and evil. I’ll get blurbs and stuff up shortly, but I would like to show off the tentative cover art.


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