WATWB – Your Monthly Shot of News That Doesn’t Suck

This is likely going to be the last of the We Are The World Blogfest posts. It’s been going on for years now and this will be my 46th post. Yeah, I’ve missed a few here and there and, let’s face it, they haven’t all been winners, but I like to think we’ve brought a bit of light into an ever-darkening world. Hell, even if it’s just been my silly pictures at the end of each post, it’s better than poked in the eye with a stick or getting whacked in the lips with a dead weasel. A smile, even if it’s just in passing, is something to strive for. Smiles are free to give; you just have to find something good and talk about it. Or, you know, post some weird-ass gifs and pictures of dogs.

Ball of floof

See. You just smiled. Admit it. No one can resist the power of dogs.

Here’s the thing: The silliness will continue. The tragedy will continue. The general weirdness of the world will continue. And we’ll all continue to survive and thrive because that’s what we do. Even if it means we have to go to the mall and throw cheeseburgers at teenagers or watch movies about people in tights slamming each other around, something will always keep our heads above water.

So long, WATWB; it’s been a hell of a run and it proved a small group of people can do something good. Maybe, at some point in the future, we’ll try it all again. Until then, just be the person who can look at the world and get the joke.

Special thanks go out to Damyanti Biswas, Belinda Witzenhausen, Sylvia McGrath, Mary J Giese, Simon Falk, Lizbeth Hartz, and all the others who kept the faith alive when the crew was up against it, the breaks were beating the boys, that got out there and gave it all they got and won just one for the Zipper.

And now your very last moment of Zen.

One thought on “WATWB – Your Monthly Shot of News That Doesn’t Suck

  1. Okay having both a dog and cat in our household there is never a dull moment. This is our second last post, our last post will be the last Friday in March rounding our fun to an even five years or fifty-five posts. We really lucked out having so many wonderful people, such as yourself, join us over the years helping to spread some, laughs, smiles and cases of the warm fuzzies. Thanks so much for being a part of #WATWB. Hope you have a wonderful week! Hope to see you for our finale next month.

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