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If you’ve been keeping up with current events, you’ll know the odious FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently decided to punch freedom in the teeth when he shut down Net Neutrality nationwide in the interest of getting more bribes deregulating things to make it safer for companies to make more money. To keep it light and fun, he referred to it as his “Restoring Internet Freedom” initiative.

It should also be noted that the idea of Net Neutrality was hugely popular with everyone except service providers.

For those not familiar with Net Neutrality, it deals with the idea that all network traffic on the Internet should be treated equally. Think of it as a kind of social equality for TCP/IP packets. In a net neutral world, it doesn’t matter what kind of underlying data structure you’ve got, where it came from, or how many packets are going to the same place, they all get full speed for the brief time between when they leave the server and hit your device. That means packets coming from Netflix get the same treatment as packets coming from the White House.

By striking down Net Neutrality in the guise of freedom, the FCC has allowed service providers to treat each packet differently. For instance, your HBO Go packets could be throttled just when Game Of Thrones starts up because HBO forgot to bribe their ISP upgrade their account. Got a website that generates a lot of traffic, but pisses off a lot of people (I’m looking at you, 4Chan), your packets might not make it to where they need to go. Hey, sorry, these things happen.

In other words, the FCC just handed full control of your Internet content and speed over to a bunch of corporations who have never shown any interest in wielding that kind of power responsibly. To make things even more fun, Ajit and his network thugs also wrote a provision into the ruling that said states cannot implement their own version of Net Neutrality because reasons.

Fortunately, not all of the states in the Union bought into that. Montana’s governor, Steve Bullock, signed an executive order that any ISPs with state contracts need to abide by Net Neutrality rules if they want to keep their contracts. Sure, it’s a bit heavy-handed, but so was the FCC’s flimsy justification for handing the keys to the Internet kingdom over to the service providers.

Now, there’s no guarantee Montana’s executive order will stand, especially in the face of the rule the FCC handed down that said states can’t do that, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Way to go, Montana

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26 thoughts on “WATWB – Your Monthly Shot Of News That Doesn’t Suck

    • That’s the funny thing: net neutrality was a huge news item leading up to the time when it got removed, but you don’t hear as much now about the people fighting to get it back.

  1. I’ve heard of other states considering this and then there are the states who are just suing. It’s a $#!%-show, for sure. Let’s hope the principles of democracy prevail for once and we get out neutral net back, safe and sound. As our politicians are finding out, it’s hard to put the genie back in the bottle.
    Have a great day, Eric.

    • Yeah, it would be one thing if there was actually major support for getting rid of net neutrality, but so far everyone from the common Joe to the major tech firms is adamantly against it. The only people for it are the ones who’ll be able to squeeze more money out of people and the people they bribed to let it happen.

  2. Way to go Montana, INDEED! It’s in these times that these dissenting voices, the ones that dare stand up to the establishment and their grubby, underhanded, and corrupt ways, are needed the most. Kudos to the MT governor for setting his foot down. Hopefully more states will follow his example.

    Thanks for sharing, Eric!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  3. Well done, Steve Bullock! How ridiculous that anyone has to do this at all. Net Neutrality should not even be a discussion item. It has slid under the radar for many people and they will be surprised and a little frustrated when it takes a long time to get to a website they love but their provider does not promote. But, hey, with a little more monthly money, they can probably get that site to load faster…

    Thanks for talking about this important topic, Eric, and for co-hosting this month!

    • The real worry is going to be providers packaging Internet services like cable packages. You could get a shopping package with access to ebay and Amazon, but if you want Facebook, you’ll have to get the social media package. I doubt it would come to that, but the whole thing stinks any way you look at it. I’m all for companies making a profit, but this seems like an end-run around rational sales and service providing.

      • Yes, the concern that the internet will become like cable packages is a real one. If it does come to that, it would probably happen like you say, with a popular product line like social media or YouTube.

  4. It’s funny, Eric. Each time I read your #WATWB post, I think, nope, this still sucks . . . sucks . . . uh huh, sucks . . . and then that AHA! THIS is the part where it gets good! It’s all about the setup. Good job. And great news. Here’s hoping Montana’s ruling holds, and that other states somehow get firm as well.

  5. Hi Eric – thanks for reminding us about net neutrality … things can so easily slip away. I knew some of the states are litigating, but hadn’t realised Montana has taken a stand … good for Mr Bullock – he seems to have the right credentials for achieving something … cheers Hilary

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