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I’ve spent the past couple of these railing on big things like Net Neutrality and the odious Joe Arpaio, so I decided it’s time to for a lighter post. Now, it’s well-known that everything causes cancer. Except cancer, that causes AIDS. No matter what you eat, drink, or breathe, it’s gonna give you cancer, rot your teeth, or flat-out kill you.

Or so it would seem.

Claudia Kawas, a neurologist with the University of California, tracked 1700 nonagenarians through a study that started in 2003. The goal of the research was to find out what kinds of daily activities allowed these folks to live into their 90s. The study found people who exercised 15-45 minutes per day were 11% less likely to drop dead prematurely than those who didn’t. While that’s good news, it gets better. The study also found that people who had 1 or 2 glasses of wine or beer each day were 18% less likely to suffer premature death.

Unless you’re in your 90s, this research probably doesn’t directly apply to you. If, however, you’re like me and happy to latch onto anything that sounds good, this is like getting the Holy Grail without having to fight Nazis or stumble through ancient booby traps. The way I see it, if I get 15-45 minutes of exercise and pop a couple brews each day, I can live to be 200.

At any rate, it’s nice to see something positive in an otherwise dreary world. My recommendation to you is to grab some weights, punch a bag, sprint on a bike, or do whatever floats your goat. Then, when you’re good and sweaty, pop open a couple dark beers and chill on the couch for a while.

On second though, maybe it’s chilling on the couch that will let you live longer.

Check it, and go grab a drink.

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And now, your moment of Zen.

The real reason we stopped going into space. But at least he’s having some wine.

46 thoughts on “WATWB – Your Monthly Shot of News That Doesn’t Suck

  1. Haha love the title. I’ve also read about a similar study recently, they found that the biggest factor was to have social connection. It doesn’t matter if you exercise but don’t talk to people for example. I’m an extreme introvert so not really sure which one scares me more! 😁

    • I gather social connection is a huge influencer on living longer. I’m pretty introverted, too, but it’s nice to talk to someone every now and then. Especially over a drink. πŸ™‚

  2. Hahaha! That was some great info, Eric! And, helpful, too!
    I walk for 40 minutes every day and then climb stairs. So, that’s one part of it..Now I need to just reach over for that pint, or something better (not fond of the taste of beer!)! πŸ˜€

  3. So…exercise and a beer, huh? Well, my mom loved to go for walks and have a daily adult refreshment for most of her life and she’s currently 98.There must be some reality in this research! πŸ™‚

  4. This is wonderful news. I can utilize this information tonight. Might even start with the glass of wine part, and work my way up to the exercise part… later. Wouldn’t want to overdo it right off the bat. 🍷

  5. Nice to know that I don’t have to exercise vigorously or diet like a maniac go live long. There is something known as genes …. too. Most people who live long come from a line of long livers .

  6. Eric, this was just an ace. Talk about laugh. I’d gladly raise a dark beer in your honour. Thanks for the health tips, the humour and the co-hosting. Cheers to the rest of #WATWB.

  7. Excellent news! I walk almost everywhere and it takes about 10 minutes to get to the grocery store so I do at least 20 minutes each day. On a normal day, I also begin the day with yoga so I’m all set πŸ™‚ Thanks for the fun post, Eric, and for co-hosting #WATWB.

  8. I’d say you win for this month’s good news! I’m a little behind, though . . . I need to start drinking more. A glass of wine every few weeks or less is undoubtedly going to put me into an early grave. I’m off to find my corkscrew.

  9. This is the best news that I have read in recent times. I certainly now know what to do with my exercise plans. Thanks for the smiles and this wonderful story, Eric πŸ™‚

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